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Written by Sharp Việt Nam.

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1. Responsibilities of users:

By accessing this website, you agree to accept all risks. Sharp Vietnam and other partners are not responsible for any loss due to direct, accidental or indirect consequences; losses, costs (including legal costs, consulting costs or other expenses) may arise directly or indirectly due to site access or when downloading data to the machine; the damage you encounter due to viruses, direct or indirect vandalism of other computer systems, phone lines, hardware, software, program errors, or any other errors; computer transmission or network connection is slow ...


2. About the content on the website:

All information here is provided to you honestly as the event itself. Sharp Vietnam is not responsible for any consequences resulting from your use of the content on this website. Although Sharp Vietnam always tries to regularly update the content at the website, we do not guarantee that the information is the latest, accurate and complete.


3. About copyright:

Sharp Vietnam is the owner of this website. Editing the website, updating and changing any content belongs to Sharp Vietnam's authority. Any modification, alteration, distribution or re-use of the contents of this website for any purpose is considered a violation of Sharp Vietnam's legal rights.


4. Regarding the use of information:

We will not use your personal information on this site without permission. If you agree to provide personal information, you will be protected. Your personal information will be used for the purpose of contacting you to notify Sharp Vietnam of updated information about new products, promotions via email or post. Your personal information will not be sent to anyone other than Sharp Vietnam and the necessary extension for you to participate in other websites (service providers and partners). , advertising companies) and / or as required by law. If we share your personal information with service providers, advertising companies and related partner companies, we also ask them to protect your personal information as they are I made.


5. About downloading data:

If you download software from this website, the software and download data will still be copyrighted by Sharp Vietnam. You are allowed to use but not to download downloaded software and not to sell, redistribute, or unlock software ...


6. Change content:

Sharp Vietnam reserves the right to change, modify and remove information at any time for any reason.


7. Link to other websites:

Although this site may be linked to other websites, Sharp Vietnam does not directly or indirectly endorse, organize, sponsor, stand behind or merge with those sites, unless this is clearly stated. When accessing this website you must understand and accept that Sharp Vietnam cannot control all websites linked to Sharp Vietnam's website and is not responsible for the content of the linked websites. there.


8. Put information on the website:

You may not post or upload any images, obscene, vulgar, offensive, defamatory, libelous, threatening, unlawful, or misleading information or information that may be posted on the site. to breaking the law, liability. Sharp Vietnam and all parties involved in the construction and management of the website are not responsible or liable for those arising from the content uploaded by you to the website.


Sharp Vietnam reserves the right to review and remove information that violates the above regulations


9. Applicable law:

All activities arising from the website will be subject to the provisions of Vietnamese law.