8K UHD Reality Will Overwhelm You

About 8K UHD Technology

Turning images into reality 16 times higher resolution than Full HD

8K UHD—the next step beyond 4K UHD with a resolution of 7,680 × 4,320 pixels for a total of 33.18 million pixels, 8K UHD gives images that are 16 times more detailed than Full HD. No matter how close you get to an 8K UHD screen, you can’t see the dots with the naked eye.

Ultimate Reality

Ultra-high-resolution creates an almost 3D effect

Objects may be mere images on a screen, but the sense of depth we get from 8K UHD gives us a feeling of looking at the real thing. That’s how real 8K UHD is.

*Preferred optimal distance: The distance at which a person with average visual acuity cannot distinguish the pixels on a screen.

Large field of view gives you the most of the big screen

The preferred viewing distance for 8K UHD is 0.75 times the height of the screen, which occupies a 100- degree field of view.

Visual Expression Beyond the Limits of Colour

8K UHD colour standard

8K UHD is capable of reproducing a far wider range of colour than previous HD. Under the 8K UHD standard (BT.2020), even colours that don’t occur in nature can be reproduced.

Reproducing high contrast with HDR

The HDR gamut also accentuates the quality of colour production. Contrast has a major influence on colour production: the richer the gradation of brightness, the richer the colours will look.

Frame rate double than HD

The number of still images per second that make up a video is called the frame rate. The closer these still images are together, the more fluid and natural the movement in the video appears. Today’s 8K the frame rate was 120 frame per second (fps).

Conventional frame rate
8K UHD frame rate
Analogue Images
: 30 fps
HD Images
: 60 fps
8K UHD images: 120fps

Surround Yourself with Amazing Realism

Surrounded by stunning 22.2-channel sound

In addition to image quality, 8K UHD represents a major evolution in sound. The sound system employs 22.2 multichannel audio arranged in upper, middle, and lower layers. Whichever way you look at it, being surrounded by the images and sound of an 8K UHD system transports us inside the world that we see on screen.

Note: This article refers to 4K UHD and 8K UHD broadcasting standards used in Japan(ARIB STD-B32). These standards may differ from those used in other countries/regions. Also, standards may vary depending on the broadcaster. Not all the 8K might not support the 22.2ch sound system.


New Possibilities for the Future

The benefits of ultra-high definition will reach far and wide

"8K UHD ultra-high-definition technology can excel in a wide range of fields including advertising, security, conferences, entertainment as well as academic fields."

Tiniest details can be enlarged for viewing

"8K UHD technology enlarged images of fine art, artifacts, or architectural structures, giving a close-up look at the intricate techniques used by creators."

Reveal an artist’s hidden techniques

The wide colour gamut of 8K UHD display allows it to be a new ways of display for museums and art galleries collections.

Expected to flourish in medical applications

8K UHD monitors have already been tested for use in medical treatments, telemedicine, telepathology and they’re winning plaudits for their effectiveness.